Wednesday, February 23, 2011

please see following blogs websites, presently not blogging here

savingcheryl is more simplified and hoping I get some help . I may keep this one to go with youtube channel of same name and just post videos. 

also wordpress site,may transfer the "savingcheryl" type there, that is the way I originally wanted the format setup like, with documents or pdf's which are were beyond my capabilities, and still are, the webmaster was originally hired to do them. Right now I don't think the documents or PDF's are that important unless webmaster is willing to do them.

I am very ill with severe ME/FM since 1990. Repeatedly brain and body damaged 2003-2004 and generalized dystonia, movement disorders, seizures, tremors,  left to try to fight off full body paralysis/ cramping every day from generalized dystonia and extensive muscle and ligament damage without proper medications or medical care still, since 2003.

I need a letter form page for people to send letters asap as well.

was hoping would have on main site, site still not made as needed.

I have worsened drastically need a webmaster that will do the job as requested and fine tune and work with the client and their needs and what needs to be done on the website, not told to do it myself. I am very limited cognitively and physically and my time to be able to do anything on the computer that is in bed with me and can't sit up often for some time not for long and accessing internet with cell phone I have worsened again so badly as I have prior.   If you can help please contact me,
as soon as possible please. 

If not I will stick with the blogs and start a letter campaign. Typing is usually near impossible for me and I have had had some help, but need more to get help with that since end of 2010 I can rarely type and short spurts, which worsened over time left like this. I am unable to type often or it is not legible because of the muscle and ligament damage and the generalized dystonia on top, and my cognitive difficulties, and brain damage.

I need someone with a lot of patience and consults with the client on what their needs are.  Also someone who is capable of working with someone who is severely chronically ill, and  with many disabilities. I know others with severe ME/CFS alone like myself, not all the extensive physical damage and dystonia, movement disorders on top who have webmasters that offer to help for free or minimal cost. If you can help me please contact me as soon as possible. 

Also I have been looking for editors for several years at minimal cost as I only have several friends online to rely on for  help with editing and typing.

Please contact me if you can help. Thank you.